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Complete Collection of Studies 1-6 for "Studio VII" + free print of final version - Mounted C-Prints 6"x7"

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6"x7" ©2016 Brent Holland
Ink on C-Print, Mounted
This is the complete set of six beautiful blueprint-like process studies for "Studio VII" including a FREE mounted print of the final version with purchase of the collection of six pieces. 
A collection of these print will captivate your attention for years!  It’s a still life drawing, yet it has a lot of unexpected intriging energy. It would look excellent as art for an office, and board room, art for the home like above a seating area.

This perspective drawing is an open edition print. I drew it by hand using traditional graphite as well as Wacom digital drawing and Zbrush digital sculpting media by observation without the use of photography.
The final piece, "Studio VII" was drawn on multiple layers to achieve physical and perceived-depth.  It was acquired in 2017. 

This collection is steeped in the traditional practice of hand-drawn imagery composed by observation while using fresh, innovative mediums.

​Conceptually, the artwork relies on the evolution of the image through my mark‐making process. Because I draw and paint primarily from observation, my work is the accumulation of thousands of moments of looking with layers of multiple visual insights.

​Forms in cavernous studio spaces and on walls come into sharp focus and dissolve into ethereal impressions. The final product serves as a physical record of my visual experience and organization.