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The Detox Artist is an environmental company that identifies point-of-use problems in the home that are triggers for headaches, allergies, drowsiness, and discomfort.  Now you can book a home assessment to identify water & air quality, radiation, radon & chemical exposure + more so you can take action right away!

Give the gift of a Healthy Home Detox! 

Toxins in our body are our biggest threat to a healthy lifestyle. Constant exposure to toxins without a regular detoxifying program can increase our chances of experiencing serious health problems like brain damage, liver and kidney failure, respiratory irritation, anxiety disorder, birth defects, organ dysfunction among others. And lesser symptoms usually present themselves as headaches, muscle and joint pain, etc..

What to Expect

Set aside an hour for an initial in-home assessment and another hour for our recommendations.
  • Each needs-analysis and home inspection aims to identify sources of toxic exposure in your home.  
  • The findings will be summarized in a priority checklist including a proposal & actionable changes you can apply right away to improve the environment inside your home.
  • The Detox Artist will save you time and money while improving the health of your home and our environment.


Did you know there are over 80,000 chemicals in our environment. A great deal of those enter our water systems; plus the average home contains over 60 toxic chemicals. Ironically, the majority of those lurk in the very items we use to clean our home.

Looking for change? 
1. Get quality recommendations
2. A priority timeline
3. Reach sustainable results
I'll help you succeed in your home detox. Reach your goals!