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"Studio VII" framed c-prints, three options available

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©2016 Brent Holland
C-Print, Mounted
This is the collection of three beautiful blueprint-like process studies for "Studio VII".
This collection will captivate your attention for years!  They have a lot of unexpected intriguing energy.
Brent begins with a spatial analysis of the environment, then develops the architectural layout before finishing with details.  You can see this best through the lens of his structural line drawings, such is Studio VII.

"I intentionally leave strategic evidence of my process through the art development.  That point being to lend a sense of movement to the landscape; and beyond that, to document the evolution through my visual exploration." 

This perspective drawing is an open edition print. Brent drew it using a Wacom digital drawing tablet.  This piece is steeped in the traditional practice of hand-drawn imagery composed by observation while using fresh, innovative mediums.

​Conceptually, the artwork relies on the evolution of the image through his mark‐making process. Because Brent draws and paints primarily from observation, his work is the accumulation of thousands of moments of looking with layers of multiple visual insights.