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Emerging Patterns I, framed 52"x42.5"

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52" H x 42.5" W x 2"
Digital, Ink, C-Print.

This artwork adds allure to a space. A standing female model was drawn with numerous patterns emerging and a strong perspective focal point. 

I drew it by hand with a live model in the studio during several sessions and referred to photography as reference thereafter. It was developed by layering thousands of thin lines, wiping away, more layering, etc. Each hair and skin pore is individually drawn. I restrict myself to using a similar process as I would use with pen and paper. Unlike pen and paper drawing, however, the digital process affords the opportunity to draw using hair-thin, rich, black lines and the flexibility to erase and edit as needed. The additive and subtractive process is key to the density of my work as the subject matter grows into itself over a period of time.

Using representation and abstraction, “Emerging Patterns” is a meditation upon time, space and my practice in my studio in the springtime. My model is a female figure who posed against a wall pattern for the composition in front of a north-facing window. The female was originally nude; therefore, I invented the patterned clothing on the image.

Conceptually, this work relies on the evolution of the image through my mark-making process. Because I draw and paint primarily from observation, my work is the accumulation of thousands of moments of looking with layers of multiple visual insight.

All Studio Holland artwork uses high quality materials. This one includes professional gallery frame in black. Ready to mount with hardware.