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Decade, framed c-print, two sizes available

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40" x40" and 12"x12" ©2015 Brent Holland
PVC white foam panel, Giclee, c print


This is a hand-drawn portrait with a male bust.  Do you like tightly drawn detail?  I drew it by hand using a Wacom digital drawing tablet with the aid of a photo and also some invented imagery.  Some people comment that I captured a semblance of myself in the work.  I used mirrors and painted by observation to achieve likeness because drawing from a photo has many limitations.

This male portrait has a high-quality gallery frame. The artwork you will receive is a high-quality archival c-print. Your artwork will last a lifetime. C print stands for Chromogenic color prints. ... For Digital C prints, the material is exposed using lasers or LED lights.



Decade is a portrait of musician Drew DeFour from Ann Arbor. It's composed with iconic imagery behind the figure. And it’s composed in a Northern Renaissance style. It would look striking among a collection of other tightly-drawn portraits, on a gallery wall or among artwork in an office or music studio space.  “Decade” was a commissioned piece by DeFour Brothers Publishing out of Detroit.  Drew asked that I make an intense portrait of him for his latest album cover.  Drew is a self-described humanist and felt that the trial and error approach, represented by the pentimenti of my work reflects his views of making music.   I drew the imagery using a Wacom digital drawing tablet and Photoshop.   The portrait is tonal with slight green accents in the eyes and was developed by layering thousands of thin lines, wiping away, more layering, etc.  Each hair and skin pore is individually drawn.  I restrict myself to using a similar process as I would use with pen and paper. Unlike pen and paper drawing, however, the digital process affords the opportunity to draw using hair-thin, rich, black lines and the flexibility to erase and edit as needed.  The additive and subtractive process is key to the density of my work as the subject matter grows into itself over a period of time. 

The pattern makes reference to lace patterns of northern Europe, in particular Belgium and northern France.  Drew's ancestry is tied to that section of Europe.  Like many renaissance figurative paintings, the pattern frames the main character event and separates the foreground from background.  Hans Memling's Madonna and Child w/Angels and Bellini's Madonna and Child paintings are a good example of this.  The background is an etherial and nondescript depiction of Ann Arbor, MI.  The subject resides in Ann Arbor and is part of the Detroit music scene.

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