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Framed C-Prints from the Biomorphic Series

These prints make great statement pieces and work nicely as a collection hung together on a gallery wall. This small playful artwork is part of the open-edition series of prints titled “Biomorphic” which makes it distinct. I painted it by hand using Zbrush without the use of photography.

I painted the stroke, texture, form, color, and shape of the image to create a dramatic effect. Attention to color theory and skilled painting qualities inform this hi-definition artwork.

I was inspired to paint these images because they were elemental to my large-scale work titled Splatter.  Many of these images reside individually in that artwork which took the form as a three-dimensional artwork in the EMC Insurance Collection, and also as a commuter transit bus public artwork for the Des Moines Public Art Foundation.

The art print you will receive will include an extremely hi-definition c-print image of my invented form. It’s mounted on a PVC white foam panel (3 mm/ 0.12” thick). The frame is high quality, professional gallery-grade, hardwood with black satin finish.

Since 2011, I have been creating some works with digital software programs to optimize the stroke, texture, form, color, and shape of my images. I paint hyper-real images. The result is an abstract form that is more organic than geometric, more curvy than linear.
-The painting’s personality flows from the shape.
-This artwork is unique because it is a handmade custom object, but also due to the innovative method of creation.
-Most prints in the collection are named by one of my daughters.
-Attention to color theory and skilled painting qualities inform these organic hi-definition forms mostly made with Zbrush.
-The forms are intentionally crafted rather than by an accidental splatter.

I love to watch and study. I usually focus on the process and psychology of observation and creation instead of making artwork that deals with current political and social trends.

I’m fascinated with emerging technologies such as 3D digital sculpting and printing, virtual reality and augmented reality. I apply cutting-edge technologies, and I experiment with them as much as possible.

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