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Studio Plants in 2.5D - open edition

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This artwork brings intriguing calm to a space.

Open Edition ©Brent Holland
Five sizes: 5" X 5" X 2" up to 48" x 48" x 2" 
Mixed Media, hand-drawn imagery on print to plexi & PVC foam with stand

Studio Plants is a black and white still life drawing printed on layers of plexiglass for a 2.5-dimensional artwork. I drew the plants by observation using digital drawing media. It's composed of several layers of drawings between layers of plexiglass. All Studio Holland artwork uses high quality materials.  This one includes a hand-made stand.

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There was a sunny table of plants at the end of the hallway on the fourth floor of the studio building facing west.  Otherwise, it was a dark space.  

​What a collection of well-care-for plants shared by studio tenants!  I knew I needed to do something meaningful with them.  It was cold outside, but this location was warm to me.

While I worked on the drawing, it was bringing me calmness.  I've been told that looking at it also brings an intriguing calm to a space. It makes sense because as I created it, the process became a meditation upon time, space and my existence that season.  The studio plants were alluring and full of life.

Like the majority of my art, it is made of hand-drawn imagery that is conceived with new media applications like digital drawing, painting & sculpting.  I stayed true to the Art by placing importance on traditional observational practice while I drew it.  

​The first edition of the work was completed in 2016 and measured 48"x48".  It was completed for an exhibition.  After the positive reception of the art at the event, I committed to create it in two different types of editions for future collections:

  • a 2-dimensional poster print  
  • and a 2.5-dimensional artworkThe most intriguing rendition of this drawing is what you're viewing on this post.  It is in the form of layers of plexiglass for a 2.5-dimensional artwork.

Conceptually, this work relies on the evolution of the image through my mark-making process. Because I draw and paint from observation, this artwork is the accumulation of thousands of moments of looking with layers of multiple visual insight.

In addition to the unframed editions available in this post, I have one (1) 48"x48" artwork available that is framed.  View it here.